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April 2012 UK Glossybox

Hey everyone, hope you're all well! So on Saturday I received my April 2012 UK Glossybox, and thought I'd share with you all what I got in mine, as well as my opinions on everything so far;

The Box

TOP LEFT: The box, closed TOP RIGHT: The box with the lid removed BOTTOM LEFT: The box with the paper unwrapped, revealing the products BOTTOM RIGHT: A close up of the lid's Glossybox logo, to show the texture and material of this month's box

This months box is the 'Natural Beauty' box and incase that didn't already give it away, includes 5 natural products all inside a 100% biodegradable box. Here's what my Glossybox card says about it;

'With spring in the air, we are proud to introduce our Natural Beauty box; five natural beauty products guaranteed to make you feel your best, look gorgeous while at the same time satisfying the green goddess within!
After all, green is the new black didn't you know?
Get ready to dazzle this season and spring clean your beauty regime with contents of your latest GLOSSYBOX. In a limited edition 100% biodegradable box bursting with ethical goodies, indulge in your beauty needs without battling your inner eco-warrior.
We hope you enjoy this special box as much as we do!'

I like the packaging of this months box, it definitely suits the 'Natural Beauty' theme for this month. The sheer shades feel very bamboo-ish (bambooish? :|, with cream coloured ribbon, logo sticker, tissue paper and straw-resembling crinkly paper inside.

Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner in 'Graphite'

TOP: The eyeliner above the packaging it came in BOTTOM LEFT: A close up of the eyeliner BOTTOM RIGHT: Two swatches of the eyeliner, swatched on bare skin with no primer underneath

'A rich and creamy consistency unparalleled in the world of natural liners.'
Size/Weight - 1.2g
Retail Price - £11.75 per liner

I'm super picky about my pencil eyeliners - they have to be very creamy, or I will never, ever use it - too many time's I've gotten very frustrated from spending forever attempting to tight line with a naff eyeliner. So I'm pleased to see that this one is incredibly creamy and works like a dream! I'm happy that I got this 'Graphite' shade too, as I have black eyeliners coming out of my ears! I think the shade would be perfect for a sultry dark smokey eye

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm

LEFT: The packaging it came in TOP RIGHT: The lip balm tin packaging. BOTTOM RIGHT: The lip balm with the lid removed.

'100% pure, 100% Natural & 100% Organic Multipurpose balm. Excellent for Soothing & Naturally Hydrating dry Lips & Skin!'
Size/Weight - 8ml
Retail Price - £3.29/8ml

First off, I love the packaging of this! It feels very vintage inspired. I haven't used this much, but I really like it so far. I've tried it a few times on my lips and cuticles and can proudly say that it works fab for both, leaving them super soft and hydrated. It does feel rather greasy/oily though, which I wasn't expecting - this isn't a major down side for me though, I still like it and will continue to use it all up :) Oh, the scent is ok too, I'm not normally keen on rose scented things, but this is very...tolerable. I neither like the smell nor dislike it.

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

'This newly-launched ultra-concentrated serum is extremely natural and plant-based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture. The deluxe size is also exclusive to GLOSSYBOX.'
Size/Weight - 10ml
Retail Price - £29/30ml

I was instantly excited to receive this in my box, as I've never really tried serums before and also because I have dry skin, which is quite bad at the moment - so this would be the perfect time to try out a serum whilst (hopefully) helping keep my dehydrated skin at bay. It says to use morning and night, before applying moisturiser, which I have been doing for the past two days. I am really happy with the results I have achieved from this so far - it's left my skin feeling much less dry and dehydrated, whilst also leaving it feeling super smooth. It feels incredibly light on the skin, sinks in quickly and isn't overly fragranced. I really, really like this and am definitely considering purchasing the full size....or maybe another serum on the high street that could probably do the same for less - Any recommendations? The only problem I did find with this, is that it seems that there isn't much left. I mean, I can't possibly have used all that up in just two days!? I'm thinking that it wasn't filled up completely before dispatch.

Ayuuri Natural Body Wash

'The Ayuuri Natural skincare range is based on fruit, plant and flower extracts that have long been used in India to enhance skin's natural beauty.'
Size/Weight - 200ml
Retail Price - £4.95/235g

I can't really say much about this, as I haven't tried it yet - I am trying to use up all my shower gels and whatnot before using or buying new ones - the scent is very tea tree & peppermint based, which I quite like as I'm a fan of tea tree products. But other than the smell, that's all I can really say about this for now!

Kai Perfume Oil

LEFT: The front of the card the perfume came one RIGHT: The bacl of the card the perfume came on

'Our intoxicating signature perfume oil fragranced with Kai's light, intoxicating blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics.'
Size/Weight - ?
Retail Price - £41/3.60ml

I'm not too keen on this to be honest. The smell is ok - you can definitely smell the plants and flowers - but I just don't think it's really my kind of fragrance. I think I'll give it to my mam, it seems more up her street than mine. Also, this wasn't full either, there's only just over half in mine :S I did quite like the way it came on the little card though, which I thought was a bit different.

So that's everything I got in April's Glossybox! Overall, I really quite liked this box - I like the majority of the products I received, with the odd one that I wasn't too keen on. The eyeliner will make a nice edition to my collection, which will get used every now and then and could come in handy for tutorials/LOTD's. The balm is going to be kept on my PC desk, so I can use is frequently. The serum will be used up until it's all gone and might even end up buying the full size (or at least a cheaper alternative). The perfume shall go to my mam and I can't say anything on the body wash yet, although I know if I don't like it, my dad will, as he's a tea tree fan too.
So, I think this box was a hit for me this month, which has really surprised me as when I first opened it up I wasn't too impressed, but after actually trying everything, I discovered I was very, very wrong!

What did you get in your beauty box this month?


  1. I can't decide whether to sign up for Glossy Box or not... this one looks lovely!

    1. I'm the same with other beauty boxes :) x

  2. love your blog! i followed for sure! do you think you could maybe follow back? i would love my blog to be as good as yours <3 x

    1. aw thank you! Sure I'll check yours out :) x

  3. Lovely post, the products look lovely

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